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With the purchase of a CNC Machine from CNC-STEP,

you obtain a perfect solution for woodworking, metal, plastic, stone and also for composites!

CNC machines for professionals and enthusiasts.

We use high wear resistant nylatron screw nuts, which we adjust to the drive screw by hand up to 20 µm (High-Z Series with trapezium screws). This provides a maximum accuracy on our machine Units . No use of over-dimensional drive screws, which cause a limited performance of motor and machine.

High-Z Standard 


CNC Milling Machine

5 reasons for your next step towards the versatile application options with our premium quality CNC Router Machines!

      1. FREE lifetime live support using the software TeamViewer! Our supervisors and technicians train and support from our network worldwide, on your home PC! Technical assistance can’t be more simple and efficient.
      2. There is no need to insert machine parameters in the CAM software for hours before starting work , thanks to the ready-Config function in WinPCNC! After the initial installation of the software you are only choose your machine type from a list and all parameters are completely “ready to work” within the software. This saves you time, money and above all nerves.
      3. Due to the manual adjustments which we make on all mechanical fitting components all of our CNC Router Machines are very precise and have almost no clearance. Our High-Z series is designed with a special frame profile absolutely rigid. (See profiles from the outside all the same.’s Inside, special reinforcements that count!)
      4. Compare our service and quality! Let us demonstrate one of our CNC Router by one of our technicians or our master! We will gladly give any necessary time for your purchasing decision. We can say from experience, a demonstration in our home will help you to decide who will be the supplier of your new machi
      5. You don’t have to program anything! Draw your workpieces in our free CAD / CAM software ConstruCAM 3D * or in Corel Draw and simply send the file via WinPC NC or any other software to the machine. With the High-Z milling unit you are able to mill stable for a certain reason, almost vibration-free and absolute mass and exactly in, for example, 10mm thick aluminum plates H8 fits!

Exactly synchronized electrical and mechanical components are provided.  We offer german construction and german control system development. Everything coming from one source ! We 100% guarantee best service and best and free support ( for your live time ) for all machines and the corresponding software !

CNC-STEP`s smallest is equipped with 22 – 30 mm strong and hardened linear guides. With its 400x300x100 mm traverse path and the hmachine igh performance 4-channel- 3.5A-microstep controller, and  a top functioning CAD/CAM software ConstruCAM-3D (when purchasing a High-Z S-400/T milling machine and later models this software is also included) as well as the milling software WIN PCNC you will get a complete package for your cnc entrance.



Important Information:

Our goal is to manufacture very high quality cnc router machines. They should be able to do jobs like shown in the video on the side.

So with this background we do not sell any DIY engravers, self-made construction sets, cnc router kits or any other single components and parts for self-made cnc routers.

Because with these sets, due to the higher tolerances within all mechanical components, it´s impossible to obtain a precise milling or engraving result!

So we don’t sell single router parts or plans for DIY self-made xyz tables. Sorry.

Video milling with our XYZ table, mill and drill in hard Aluminium (50H8). Our customers work with our xyz tables on their harley motor blocks to get more ccm and powerful engines etc.

Video routing on harley motor block with High-Z !

Cutting / milling some threads with our High-Z machine within seconds on hard aluminium without pre-drilling !!

Low cost and precise portal gantry machines, xyz tables from Germany … CNC-STEP. CNC Router from CNC-STEP are purchased by experts

We do ship our CNC Router around the globe ! Top quality, MADE IN GERMANY!

We also supply the following equipment :

Plasma torch, plasma cutting units, wood lathe, laser scanning systems, 3d scanner, coolants, spindles, tailstocks, rotary tables, tangential knifes. Also cad-cam software, end mills and much more usable accessories for your perfect work.

CNC machines, made in Germany.

High quality CNC Engraver and Milling Machines on low price level.

We have 30 distributors for our portal milling machines worldwide.

Our router machines from type High-Z and RaptorX-SL are sold over 6000 times around the globe ( since February 2005 ).

Our clients come from diverse sectors of the plastics industry, wood processing industry, automotive, advertising, medical, research and research institutions, machinery and equipment manufacturing. Also electronics, electrical panel building, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, woodworking, aerospace, plastics industry, metal industry, architecture, engraving, plastic industry, jewelry making, prototyping, engraving, aluminum processing, schools, museums, universities and many other institutions and industries from around the world.

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