3000 cnc routers are sold worldwide

3000th High Z-S Series CNC Routers sold world wide !


On the 30.12.2010 we reached a milestone!


The 3000th High Z Series CNC Router was ordered by a customer (In this case through the UK reseller).

At this time we have 22 resellers worldwide working together with us and very successfully so in most cases.


The South African reseller CNC Instruments CC trading under cnc-step.co.za sold 41 High Z-S Series and four RaptorX Series CNC Router – platforms in 2010.


Since our beginning in Jan/Feb 2005 we have sold an average of 42 CNC Routers and CNC Engravers per month. These figures demonstrate the impressive and unmatched quality of our CNC platforms as well as the tireless input of our production and support teams, now numbering 16 persons.


We would like to thank all our customers for the trust put in us and our products.


The Industrial size RaptorX SL CNC machines seem to be emulating the success of the smaller sister product, the High Z-S Series CNC Routers and CNC Engravers in their sales. Since the launch in July 2010, twenty units have been manufactured and sold.