Big anniversary ! (again)

1000 sold machines in approx 31 months

and we keep a High-Z ready for you for half price! (Notice from 26.07.2006)

Dear CNC-enthusiastic persons and customers,
On the verge of Christmas 2006 we celebrated the sale of our 500th High-Z.Info about this event is located here. It’s incredible but true and provable:Next week ( calender week 31.07 )we are going to sell number 888. That means that we could deliver our 1000th CNC machine within next 2-3 months. Consequently we would have sold 1000 machines within approx. 31 months. The customer who will order our 1000th machine will get it for half-price as we did during our last anniversary!
We don’t draw lots……………You will find out whether you’re the 1000th buyer during the pick up at the latest. The lucky owner will be published here on our homepage.Frank Hylewicz

We’ve done it …..


Mr. Kursch from the company Vijvertec has made our 1,000th anniversary particularly exciting. Approximately one week after the actual date he came to us to pick up his High-Z S-1000 (We had feared the request for shipping). Mr. Kursch was estimated the one of the few who knew nothing of the action “1000th machine at half the price.”We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all participants, clients, interested parties from around the world, friends and especially our excellent staff team, without which this success would be unthinkable.

We stay on the ball!

Greeting F. and K. Hylewicz