Big anniversary ! –

500 sold machines during approx. 22 months

and we keep a High-Z ready for you for half price! (Notice from  15.10.2006)

We would like to thank all customers world-wide who gave us and our products their trust in the last 19 months.

So today we can annouce very proudly that within the next 2-10 weeks the 500 High-Z milling machine with the sequential serial number 220137/500 will leave our house.

That can be next week or on 27.12.?! Who knows?

The customer who will order our 500th machine will get it for half-price!

But we make it still more exciting! That is only communicated to it after the machine was delivered. On the vehicle identification plate of the machine it will be able to recognize it. We will then return the account ot the customer.

The names of the winner and so far this customers it permitted also its E-Mail address then here by day the payback on this page to publish.

That means plant with the purchase of a High-Z S-1000 for example a full saving at a value of 1.671,50 Euro for the lucky 500 plant customers of a High-Z!

For all, which had anyway forwards to buy a machine now thus the still better time came.

3% value added tax save good change in the comparison to the jear 2007 and to get a machine to the half price!

Again cordial thanks at all prospective customers and customers, who partly also contributed to it to let become still better our products by appropriate criticism and mental impetuses.

The complete team from CNC Step says thank you!

we wish you luck

We’ve done it …..


On 02.12.2006 we handed over the 500th High-Z CNC milling machine to its new owner. It was a big surprise for Mr. Gross and his father who arrived from the 450 km distant Erfurt for pick up.

We paid out the sum of 1,396.50 € in cash to the happy winner at the face. Mr. Gross had already transferred the complete price in advance.

This way the Gross family is pleased with an additional „Christmas money“. (Mr. Gross needs the High-Z S-720 for a planed self-employment.)

Stefan Gross

Technisches Büro Gross

Neustrelitzer Straße 4

99091 Erfurt

We would like to thank all customers again, who gave us their trust the last 22 months and thus made this success possible worldwide.

We plan an anniversary and a chance of winning for the 1000th machine, of course.