We’ll celebrate the next anniversary soon!

The 2500th High-Z CNC milling machine at half price.

Have a look there at all previous anniversaries.

Dear CNC-enthused prospects and customers, within the next 2 – 3 months we will celebrate the construction of our 2500th High-Z CNC milling machine.

Next week (CW 06.10) no. 2383 is leaving our company. This means, we can expect that within the coming 2 – 3 months the 2500th order of a CNC machine will reach us. Thus we sold 2.500 CNC machines in a period of 63 months. The customer, who is going to order the 2500th machine, will – as at the previous anniversary – get the machine at half price! This is not done by lot, but the purchase order number is determining!

If you are sending in the 2500th order, we will know latest at the pick-up date of the machine. Of course, the lucky owner will be mentioned on our page. We are wishing all of you, who decide to purchase a High-Z, good luck and would herewith like to thank all those, who enabled this anniversary in a very short period of time.

PS: In case a competitor doubts this action with its facts and dates, we are very happy to submit an acknowledgement again, and charge the occurring expenses to the inquirer.