It was the 60th time when innovators from all over Germany gathered together for this year’s Innovation Fair iENA in Nuremberg in order to introduce their inventions to a broad audience.

Amongst them were two creative students with a very special “Pastry Plotter” in their luggage. See for yourself:


Dominik and Philipp Dauner presented their latest invention at the iENA 2008 – a „Pastry Plotter“, which will revolutionize the future cookies making at Christmas and add to its creativity.

News from the internet and printing press


Here you find screenshots and reports from the internet and the printing press

Our final Comment:

Absolutely great! Another proof that our youth loves to deal with techniques and future technologies, if – and I’d like to underline this twice – one provides them with the necessary tools and media!

Thank you very much to the Maristen Secondary School and everybody involved!