The company Hylewicz CNC technology was founded in 2005 by Frank Hylewicz

It all started in January 2004 with a proprietary CNC milling machine design based on an aluminum Stranpressprofiles. The test design and test time (EMC test etc.) nearly a whole year has been used. Then, the “High-Z” was CNC router “birth” and ready for the market in January 2005 after countless tests.

In 2005, we started production with a staff member in a relatively small rural hall in Straelen, near the Dutch border, with 250 square meters and a fixed, heated wing of about 50 square meters, which served as a manufacturing facility.
corporate biography cnc technology Hylewicz Straelen hall, mill, preview-imagefirmenbiografie_cnc-technik_hylewicz_burgstrasse_fertigung_hersteller

After only 19 months of production of the High-Z CNC milling machine we have already celebrated our 500th milling customers.

After 3 months, the manufacturing facility by 4 large office container was extended to a total area of approximately 98 sqm.
In addition, within the first two years, 3 additional employees were hired to meet the “rush” of clientele.

End of 2007, the ground, already much needed move to a larger warehouse in the Burstrasse, Lower Rhine, with about 500 square meters
Having in-house a 230 sq. ft. manufacturing stage tract with the purpose of production of CNC machines and expansion of storage facilities of approximately 230 sqm area in the hall were built, we were able to begin production.

In this hall there was the first time a separate screening room
for our prospective customers who come since then almost daily from all over Europe to us to get our CNC machines will be demonstrated live and decide to 99% for a CNC machine from our company.

In August 2007, we produced the 1000th CNC machine of type High-Z and gave them at half price to the lucky buyer.

In 2008, we had already 7 full time and two part-time workers. Professionals from around the world signed up with us in order for us to act as a reseller in your country.
However, at this point should be far from being the end with respect to the company’s development in perspective.

Just two years later, the new locations again turned out to be too small due to steady growth. Thus, in early 2009 to about 4000 square meters of land in the industrial estate funds purchased and begun the construction of a 1600 square meter hall. The completion and entry into the “own four walls” then took place in September 2009. The time of rental properties had reached a conclusion.

The current, current state of the company CNC technology Hylewicz

Hall in monies, commercial area, cnc technology Hylewicz

View raptor x sl CNC milling, production hall completely, panorama preview

2011 was the construction of an office cultivation added with 90 square meters, which could be based middle of 2012.

To this day, the money made in the Lower Rhine in North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany CNC milling / engraving machines are sold with the help of the world now has 30 dealers with growing success.

In each calendar year, we produce for several years on average about 700 CNC milling machines for our customers worldwide.

As an innovative manufacturing company with 15 employees now Hylewicz CNC technology is constantly working on improvements and enhancements to increase the already high level and growth, and promote the company.

Many imitators have been in the early years of our company’s existence, the basic concept of the High-Z CNC milling machines discovered for himself and built this for your own production with more or less 1:1 to minderem success. We see this as a great compliment to our basic idea and can only thank the imitators because of the quality and success of our High-Z was able to continue construction apparently no one. Latest milling in marble, stone or steel, can be the difference between a “real high-Z” in comparison to the many “replicas” determine quickly and easily. More information can be found here

The quality, know-how and worldwide sales successes characterize the way the company Hylewicz CNC technology … so far, now and for the future.

screening Room small machines department high-bay racks RaptorX storage area with stage, 1100 sqm manufacturing sector RaptorX sl production road 22 meter length, high-z screw the stock end control and test facility, high-z storage and packaging department forklift fleet

Pictures of the current hall in Siemensstrasse in funds (from left to right)

  1. Large screening room with 3 Demo
  2. Small production machinery – department, lathes etc.
  3. High-bay warehouse for CNC milling machine RaptorX SL steel construction
  4. General view of the warehouse and production hall with stage, total approximately 1600 square
  5. Production area of the RaptorX SL CNC machines
  6. 22 meter long “production line” of the High-Z CNC milling machine
  7. screws shelf
  8. Final inspection / drive-in space for the High-Z CNC machines
  9. Warehouse and shipping area
  10. Floor vehicles / fleet forklift etc.

Our Services

Hylewicz CNC technology designed and produced as a German manufacturer based in Geldern am Niederrhein CNC portal milling machines, milling and engraving machines. The High-Z series has established itself as a quality product worldwide for many years thousands of times.

The requirements for the CNC machines are from different branches of different manufacturing industries. These include the automotive industry, advertising, medical, research and research institutions, the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electrical engineering, panel building, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, aerospace, architecture, jewelry crafts, prototyping, engraving, schools, museums, universities and many other institutions and industries from around the world.

There are in addition to plasma cutting equipment both 3D CNC milling machines from 300 x 400mm for the semi-professional and professional large-milling units with strokes up to 6200 x 3000 x 600mm available. Equally large special machines are offered up to 12m in length.
The sale also includes an extensive range of accessories. In addition to a 5-channel control, the RounDINO turntable as a fourth axis, 3D scanning systems and appropriately for the machine software for CAD / CAM also includes extensions and small items to the extensive range.

Together with the world’s 30 resellers can nevertheless be assured of the support problem.
Also, besides the usual support of remote access as live support with the software TeamViewer is available worldwide.
Geldern location found by the service team by appointment almost daily demonstrations and instruction.

Additional help, examples and template files are available free on the Service available for online viewing or downloading.

Both before and after purchasing the service and support team is available to you!