CNC Router and individual Customer statements

Here you can find short stories and photos about projects from customers who were realized with our CNC machines.

Michel Claas

Customers’ opinion about products of competitors or dubious “E-Bay offerers” Frank, Last Monday I was at your company for a presentation, which was clear and impressive. We talked about how I could use such a machine for our purposes. I really enjoyed this presentation! On Wednesday I went to another presentation, this time for a […]
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Helmut U.

As already mentioned on the telephone this morning, I am herewith ordering following accessory parts for above mentioned machine: 4 clamping claws HZ 1010 (7.95 € per piece) 1 set T-Nutstones HZ 1009 (18.00 €) 1 length key button (Tool 100) HZ 1016 (2229.00 €) With kind regards, Helmut U. PS: I am happy to […]
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Bernd F.

Customers’ opinion about products of competitors or dubious e- bay offerers Good morning, thank you very much for your effort. In principle I had the idea to start in the guitar bulding area as a canvasser. (Coustommaker?) For it I thought about a milling machine with traverse paths of 1250x550x90 in order to palpate complete […]
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F. Gries

Hello Mr. Hylewicz, As you predicted my S-720 was delivered on 21.December 2006. The machine’s packing was exemplary and after unpacking there were no shortages noted. Amazed by the size and weight of the machine I carried it to a specially arranged room in cellar. Than I had to prove to myself the manufacturing quality […]
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Lucas B.

Dear Sirs, For 2 years we are proud to own a HEIZ Z1000, which is of wonderful service! Since its initiation the HEIZ Z1000 has been a good and up-to-date tool for young students in order to learn the autonomous and unrestrained use and operation of CNC machines. At the same time this machine is […]
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