Hauptschule_Hoehscheid The Sim-team consists of ten students, grades 8 and 9 of the Junior Highschool Höhscheid. These young people excel because of their special interests and abilities in techniques.

Junior Highschool Höhscheid – Projects:


The Sim-team (simulator team)

All prospects had to apply at the techniques teacher, Mr. Schürhoff, i.e. in writing in order to be admitted for the project. Due to the many tasks, the Sim-team meets in addition to their regular lessons at school in lunch breaks and in the afternoons. However, even at weekends or in their holiday breaks, the students of the Sim-team voluntary come for their project to the Junior Highschool Höhscheid.

As in Germany funds are often wasted and hardly any funds flow into the support and education of young people, it was no question for us to support this eligible project with the focus on teamwork and strengthening self-confidence as well as implementation of own ideas after Mr. Schürhoff and some of his students visited our production halls. We donated a High-Z milling machine incl. software, etc. a few weeks after that visit.

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