2D Scratch Engravings with fix diamond tools / CNC Engraver

Diamond cnc engravings used in the automotive production and ornament design

When it is essential to quickly and solidly inscribe hard materials which guarantee a long permanency, diamonds are used in order to realize such engravings.

In our example we are showing you parts that have been designed for the automobile production. One picture displays the precise difference compared to a spot-welded engraving, which has been carried out with a nailer tool. Diamond engravings are also used for ornament design and finishing, as this procedure, compared to laser engravings, gives the engraving results a brilliant illumination.

Attached please find some illustrations. These show scratch engravings as used in the manufacture of pocket lighters i.e. Zippos. Depending on one’s taste, these engravings can be contrasted with black or carry a gold glimmer. We are only showing you patterns, however, we are no engraving experts. All tasks can be carried out and realized with attached timely limited free software (upon purchase of a High-Z S-720 CNC Router and Engraver) ConstruCAM- 3D!

Use this affordable CNC Router also for many other applications…

Diamond engravings on jewelry and lighters with CNC Engraver

Try engraving with a being certain diamond

Engraving with a straight standing diamond the surface is carved only .in this case the diamond is standing straight and is claimed a special diamond fastener. The engrave depth is regulated by the setting depth and the connected spring pressure of stylus fastener.
Video about engraving with a diamond

Smallest engravings can be realized in this way for example for decoration. Afterwords black corroded engraving in a Zippo.

The fastener is fixed firmly in the 43H7 admission. We prepare a device for ring engravings.

Diamond Engravings on Objects of Utility

Finest diamond engravings with a minimum type size of approx. 0.5 mm (High-Z-T series)

Our diamond engraving holder enables you to even engrave on curved surfaces. This is done with a spring-loaded positioned diamond construction. Our photos show the engraving of a curved corkscrew made of black eloxadizing aluminium.

In contrary to laser engravings, the diamond engraved parts gain an incomparable glimmer, which gives the item a noble and first-glass impression.
Please find the video on diamond engravings of above mentioned items here.

Diamond Engravings on Gold with CNC Engraver

Diamond engraving of a gold lettering

By means of a diamond engraving holder, letterings of a minimum type size of approx. 0.5 mm can be engraved in i.e. gold or silver. A number of goldsmith customers take advantage of our machines in order to carry out such or similar tasks.

Please find a video on miniature diamond engravings on gold here.

Scale Engravings / Noninus and scales

Nonius and scale engravings with the High-Z CNC milling and CNC Engraver on transply

Over and over again customers from all over the world inquire about the possibility of manufacturing scales and nonius with the CNC Engraver. Of course, this is possible. In conjunction with the 5-channel-control and the rotation axis you can even manufacture round scales.
Video Nonius / Milling a scale in transply engraving material.

The manufacturing of scales and nonius can also be done in that way. Here a diamond has been used for engraving works in order to keep the filigree visual appearance. The result has come out after conditioning with finest sandpaper (size 1,000).