3D Engraving (VCarving) in various materials

CNC engraving (V-Carving) ornaments on marble

V-Carving on marble

V-carving of an ornament frame with inscription on Carara marble. A special V-carving bit/milling provides top results even if you work with dry conditioning. The finished result needs to be covered with a special finishing/tombstone paint.

Tool paths are made with our CAD/CAM Software ConstruCAM-3D

Milling of Art Noveau motives on white marble. You obtain a clear and clean milling result after less than 10 minutes. Size of tile: 30 x 30.

Phantastic milling / machining results on hard stone. The High-Z is an all-round machine without comparison.

Within 8 years we have sold around 4500 CNC machines worldwide – the most popular small-sized CNC milling machine in the world.

Stable, exact, high quality and accuracy cnc equipment Made in Germany.
Here you find a video on V-carving on marble.