3D relief engraving with CNC Router and CNC Engraver High-Z

Engraving and 3D milling of greyscaled pictures

Photo VCarve can be used for much more than converting photos into millable or engravable data. Create real 3D reliefs in different materials within just few steps. Design new or use available cliparts as template. It’s kid’s stuff.

A simple greyscaled picture designed with Corel Draw and worked out with Photopaint becomes a 3D relief with the software PhotoVCarve very fast.

A 3D preview with a zoom function and material choice tool. Video about working out.

The here shown relief has got a depth of 2,5mm. More is of course possible. We milled with a 3mm radius router in solid beech plywood. It took 63 minutes with the High-Z S-720 milling machine.

The result is not that bad. It would be a little bit better with a lower milling tracklines distance, which could be chosen variable. The close up shows that it would take a bit manual finishing. Better results can be achieved with special wood routers and lower tracklines distance.

That’s the direct way to a video manual of PhotoVCarve and the creating of lithophanes

That’s the way to a video manual of PhotoVCarve and the creating of lithophanes.

Engarving moulds for Soap

3D Forms for Soaps

Company Medservo located in Schiede produces amongst other things also synthetic forms for exclusive soaps. Detail-shots shows how filigran and delicate the milled contours are. Even after three times negative-positive-converstion contours are still well recognizable.