Engraving on round or curved parts / Pens, Lighter, Rings

Engravings on round items or lightly welded parts, on glass, marble, granite, brass, stainless steel, plastics, gold, etc.

CNC controilled ball engravings

Engraving plastics / Example of a special linear device for ball engravings

Thanks to the bottom-open frame construction and the two motors balancing the X-axis (no belt interference) you can work on components with the High-Z CNC machine, which usually cannot be done with a common CNC milling machine.

Our machines allow engravings on any material, no matter how hard the surface. The engraving results merely depend on the tools you use. If you work on very hard surfaces you need to take a diamond equipped tool.

After the engraving process the actual engraving needs to be covered with a special material, polishing and sealing the ball are the final steps. Engraving of logos, names, etc. do not cause any problems at all!

Please find a video on ball engravings here.

Kegelmarkt Müller Ltd. is using such equipment in order to manufacture individual engravings.

Diamond Engravings on Objects of Utility / ZIPPO Lighter, Pens, Pencils, Rings etc.

Finest diamond engravings with a minimum type size of approx. 0.5 mm (High-Z-T series)

Our diamond engraving holder enables you to even engrave on curved surfaces. This is done with a spring-loaded positioned diamond construction. Our photos show the engraving of a curved corkscrew made of black eloxadizing aluminium.

In contrary to laser engravings, the diamond engraved parts gain an incomparable glimmer, which gives the item a noble and first-glass impression.

Please find the video on diamond engravings of above mentioned items here.

By means of a diamond engraving holder, letterings of a minimum type size of approx. 0.5 mm can be engraved in i.e. gold or silver. A number of goldsmith customers take advantage of our machines in order to carry out such or similar tasks.

Please find a video on miniature diamond engravings on gold here.

Round cnc engravings with the help of a turn table ( also usable for jewelry )

Round engrave with our High-Z S-720 / rotary table RounDINO 120

The function round engrave in WIN PCNC Economy enables a simple job. Sketch your object in for example Corel Draw, export it as an AI or plt file and work it out in a very simple way as a flat engrave. WIN PCNC Economy sends now automated all Y-coordinates to the rotary axle in place of the y-motor.

This way you can engrave logos, script nameplates etc. on cylindrical objects. This way produced backlit objects are a real sensation in the advertising industry. Any irregularities in engraving are invisible for the eye.

Producing of scales are realizable very simply this way. Here we used a diamond to engrave in order to achieve a finer appearance. Result after treatment with 1000th sand paper.

Video: Round encarvings in acrylic glass.