Engraving with rotary axis / rotary table / Jewelry

Round engrave with our High-Z S-720 / rotary table RounDINO 120

The function round engrave in WIN PCNC Economy enables a simple job. Sketch your object in for example Corel Draw, export it as an AI or plt file and work it out in a very simple way as a flat engrave. WIN PCNC Economy sends now automated all Y-coordinates to the rotary axle in place of the y-motor.
This way you can engrave logos, script nameplates etc. on cylindrical objects. This way produced backlit objects are a real sensation in the advertising industry. Any irregularities in engraving are invisible for the naked eye.

Producing of scales are realizable very simply this way. Here we used a diamond to engrave in order to achieve a finer appearance. Result after treatment with 1000th sand paper.

Video: Round encarvings in acrylic glass

3D CNC Engravings / Rings, Jewelry

3D engravings with the RounDINO 120 axis for rings, jewelry etc.

Constructed with the 3D CAD program, converted by DeskProto or HEIZ CadCAM into G codes and manufactured with the High-Z with RounDINO axis – fast and easy.

Video on milling a ring in 3D in aluminium.

We would have accomplished a more filigree result if we had used a 1-mm-milling-drill. However, we only had a 2-mm-radius milling drill available. The surfaces of such milling works almost look as if polished, which is a mark for the high accuracy of this CNC equipment.

Here you get to the page where everything “turns” around the axis of rotation