V-Carving and 2D engraving with rotating tools

Milling on plexi glass / plexiglas, polycarbonate or macrolon

This page shows the variety of milling options which you can obtain with High-Z S-720 CNC Router when milling different kinds of stones, tiles, etc. Everything is possible: engravings, 3D milling works, etc.!

Thanks to its stable construction and compliance of immediate allowance within the applied mechanics, you can use High-Z CNC Router / XYZ Table also as a CNC milling machine for stones.

V-Carving on marble with XYZ Table CNC Router

V-Carving on marble

V-Carving of an ornament frame with inscription on Carara marble. A special V-Carving bit/milling provides top results even if you work with dry conditioning. The finished result needs to be covered with a special finishing/tombstone paint.

Milling of Art Noveau motives on white marble. You obtain a clear and clean milling result after less than 10 minutes. Size of tile: 30 x 30.

Phantastic milling results on hard stone. The High-Z is an all-round CNC Router and cnc milling machine without comparison.

Within 52 months we have sold 2,000 CNC machines worldwide – the most popular small-sized CNC Router and engraver in the world.

Here you find a video on VCarving on marble.

CNC Routing / Milling on soapstones

3D CNC Routing / Milling works on soapstone

Milling a 3D relief with a 2.5 mm radius milling cutter. You can abstain from any cooling. The relief has a depth of 3 mm, and measures 27 x 20 mm.

The milling results are absolutely impressive. As much as you will be surprised of what is possible, so are we. After the milling procedure follows a quick conditioning with oil and grinding with wet abrasive paper. Even before the grinding, scores cannot be recognized with the mere eye.

Here you find a video on 3D milling on soapstone also done with our CNC Router and Engraver High-Z

CNC Milling and 3D Engraving on marble

3D CNC milling / engraving works on marble

3D CNC Milling a relief with a diamond coated V milling drill. Various scrub procedures are followed by a finishing procedure. After 55 minutes the marble relief is fully CNC drilled and finished.

Here you find a video on relief milling on marble.

CNC Engraving in plastic and nacre

Engrave on plastic and nacre

Engravings can accomplish you with our machins in all materials, no matter how haed they are. The result of the engraving depends only on the assigned tools. With very hard materials diamond-equippend tools are used.
Today the most engravings are done in Transply (a plastic available in many different colour combinations). For more materials check the assortment of our partner for engraving plastics: Eckart company.
With our High-Z CNC Router series you are able to do several engravings (like plates, buttons, emblems) in different materials fast and neatly and you can use diverse TTF fonts of your PC or internet. There are special one- line scripts for engravings, of course.

HEAD company from Austria engraves plates on their back which is very well possible with our CNC Routers and cnc milling machines.

The banjo forge T. Cussen from Ireland has the aim to engrave in nacre.

Several customers use our CNC Routers in order to engrave plates for e.g. cups fast and easily.

Milling in acrylic glass, polycarbonate or makrolon

Engrave and/or mill in plexiglass, polycarbonate or Makrolon

Engraves are surly possible in diverse plastics like PVC, acrylic glass etc. Because of the low melting point of acrylic glass of approx. 80°C it is necessary to use a suction device in order to enable a permanent air cooling. Better results would be achieved by usage of spray cooling.

For clearer presentation we completely abstained from cooling.

Video about engraving in acrylic glass

Glass engraving

Glass engravings or mirror engravings are not a problem with our special glass kit

Video 1 engraving in glass/mirror glassVideo 2 engraving in glass/mirror glass

We would like to thank Mr Fuhrmeister who allocated the following pictures. Mr Fuhrmeister engraves with a diamond armed drill under approx 45° adjusted milling head, which causes that the ball mills on the extent and does not press in the material only.

Customer Video Nr.1. Use oil or water for cooling.

Video Nr. 2. The result is simply amazing.

Engraving on ALU

Engravings on Aluminium

Video 1:Engrave in solid aluminum with a burin 90° point 0,1mm depth

Video 2:Engraving in solid aluminum with a burin 90° point 0,1mm depth

Engraving in wood

3D Engraving in aluminum and wood with the High-Z CNC milling machine

The High- Z S- series is in connection with e.g. PCNC suitable for milling several 3D forms. A rotary axle with a point width of 200mm is deliverable soon, too.
3D relief engraving in beech wood with a 0,4mm burin. The legs of the horse have a strengh of approx. 0,3mm. We thank AH-Soft for the file, which was provided with software of the company AH-Soft.

The same again in a larger yardstick in aluminum, video

3D engraving raise up in the builing of forms (medals) area. The here visible prints can’t be felt with finger tips.

Find more about 3D treatment here.