3D reliefs and toys

CNC Holzspielzeuge Production of 3D emblems and signs

3D milling reliefs and toys


Michael Schiminowski
Henriettenhof 15d

D-23743 Grömitz/Cismar

Mr. Schiminowski works in the wood toys building area and his speciality are 3D reliefs.

Production of 3D emblems and signs

3D coats of arms, plates, engraves in wood, PVC or acrylic glass! Very interesting to see!

Production of a 3D relief with the basic of a greyscaled picture. You can realize this technology with the software Photo-VCarve offered by us.

The results are simply amazing. This simplest way you can produce 3D reliefs. We’ve got hundrets of motifs for you which are waiting for be milled. We obtain them from a producer from England.

The universal application of the High-Z is recognised and with a little bit of know-how amazing results are created within shortest time. There are no limits to your fantasy.

Here’s much more info about relief milling with VCarve.