DIY vacuum table

CNC milling maschine High-Z S-720 small vacuum table jackodur

Here you find some exciting ideas for fixing options and CNC-operations in general. All ideas were developed by creative customers.

hard foam milled with High-Z S-720

Production of a vacuum plate

Reasonably prized vacuumplate / vacuumtable made of Jackodur

The exosceleton made of Aluminium angles. The sheet of Jackodur could have increased stability with an additional sheet of MDF.

Or simply as fitted inlay in parts with equal dimensions for engraving and milling operations.

Our report:

Get a ALU-angle 30mm x 20mm x 3mm at a builders merchand, where they are around 8,00 € per piece.

Shorten the profile with a hand saw to 570mm length (machine Z-720)

If the profile is a little longer, you can shorten it later with HEIZ S-720 – once clamped. (instructions to follow – you would need an object-pick-up kit – not yet possible, we are still at the beginning) :-)

Drill two holes into the profile with diameter = 6.2mm centred at 544mm (Z-720)

Attach 4 grove stones – for perfect operation make sure the stones are orientated in the right direction. (Sybject to be discussed in ‘groove stones’)

Use an M6 x 8mm screw, a larger screw of M6 x 10mm will touch the lower profile and therefore needs a washer.

In order to retain the right angle postition the left profile directly at the block where the spindle connection is.

Despite our large CNC-konwhow, we wanted to start from scratch. (we have scrutinized 2 drill bits, D=2 just yesterday.) :-(( So, how to proceed??
I assume that you have positioned the aluminium angles 30x20x3 on your machine.

My idea was to mill into timber or perspex…..complete nonesense!!

Get a sheet of hard insulation foam from a builders merchant (see picture). They come in 1000mmx500mmx20 and cost around 3,60 € per piece.

The sheets are labelled ‘JACKODUR’ and is originally used as insulation material for buildings. Surfaces are very smooth (pay attention not to take the once which have a rough surface, these are not suitable for us).

You can cut the sheet to 200mmx300mm with a carpet knife (dimensions are our idea)

If you now had a vaccuum sheet you could mill our sheet foam exactly to the right angle with the machine S-720. (But for now, we will produce such a vacuum sheet – therefore try to cut the sheet as exact as possible)

Now fix the cut sheet inbetween the Alu-angles as mentioned above. (see picture)

It is soon time to start the milling operation (note to zero location will follow)

We have designed an ACAD software which actually produces paper with a 10mm grid and has an exterior frame of 5mm radius.

We worked with a 2mm drill bit and used a depth of 1.5mm.

Afterwords we put an O- ring with a diameter of 2 in the contour. (we cutted several rings; one was not enough)

The whole construction with the aluminium plate kept so well together that we could lift it up completely!

[see the reference: vacuum pump – we sell them, too – link is not finished yet]

see photo (vacuum plate)

And now the idea

You can create NC-ISO or HP-GL files (from ACAD or EAGLE) and mill them in a Hartschaum plate.

You find necessary software on


I did my first tries with the engrave tool delivered by HEIZ. This way nothing bad will happen if you forget to turn on “Kress”.
I ‘d be pleased to hear about experiences of other users. I’ll transmit experiences to this page cyclical.
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