Ladder excavator model

CNC milling professional ship model with CNC Router High-Z S-720

Here you can see the perfect model construction: perfect reproduction of a bucket dredger / ladder excavator.

Mr. Westers from Netherlands is probably in love with the technology of this construction. Bucket dredger have driven through rivers in order to keep the fairway free. During this it was possible to fald the digger and winding tower. The following pictures present an exact modell reconstruction of the ship realized with a S-400.

Professional ladder excavator model. Parts milling with CNC Router High-Z S-720

Perfected and professional model making ! Take a look and be amazed ! Kudos to the producer !

Patience and obstinacy pay its way. Mr. Westers has got both. He performed everything beginning with the sketch a perfect, working model consisting of hundreds of little cnc milled parts !

Mr. Westers send us more than 50 pictures. Thank you very much for this. Here we would like to present the in our opinion most amazing pictures to you here.

This picture shows how the model is able to fald the tower and the platform completely.

Slowly a splendid model consisting of lasting for moths milled parts increases.

We eagerly wait fort he end result.

Here are some information in German and English about the bucket dredgermodel which Mr. Westers sent us.