CNC lithophane Images

CNC 3D engravings of grayscale images

3D milling of backlit pictures (Lithophany)

Hello Mr. Hylewicz

I’m very satisfied with the High-Z S-1000. I use the machine for private aims to produce lithophanies, pictures in acrylic glass and metal blanks (electronic). Additionally I produce engrave templates for manual steered engraving machines. In my opinion the machine works very precisely and after a sort introduction it is very simple to serve it. Everybody should get a CNC milling machine for his hobby cellar.

Mr. Budell produced backlit pictures, nightlights and so on for private usage. Herefor he bought the software Photo VCarve.

Engravings of grayscale images

CNC lithophane pictures, nightlights and little backlit works of art

Four finished CNC treated pictures were put together to a cub and lighted with nightlight. A fantastic and very personal gift.

Raw material, plate merchandise, translucent material. Acrylic glass is suitable, too. But it has to be lighted on the side.

You can light this pictures from the back very simply with EL foil and an appropriate net adapter as the case may be batteries or accumulator as electricity supply.

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