Plane model construction

CNC Production of frames and stickers plane model making

Plane model making, milling spar, wing, planking, rib and sticker production


Dieter Brandau


aus GFK

Mr. Brandau acts in the field of plane model making and produces almost all parts ( spars, wings, planking, ribs ) by himself since he bought a High-Z S-1000. incl. Adhesive label inscriptions.

CNC Production of frames and stickers with CNC Router Type High-Z

Perfect plane model making from former to sticker labelling with adhesive foil.

Production of formers for ultra light GFK plane models.

Same way special lumbers for plane model making are inserted. Some finished parts:

Same way Mr. Brandau cuts all his adhesive labels individually in different colours with his CNC machine. For it we developed a knife holder with pressure controlling.

You don’t need much space for work efficiently with our machines.

End results are not that bad…great.