School cnc education

teaching to use CNC router education

Educational handling with CNC machines


BBRZ e. V.

Güstener Straße 4
D-06449 Aschersleben

Mr. Martyniak from BBRZ is responsible for learning his students how to deal with cnc education with our High-Z milling machine.

Training with the High-Z

A school application in BBRZ in Aschersleben. Learning how to work with CNC machines

Several universities, polytechnic colleges and vocational trade schools worldwide already use our machines in order to demonstrate their students dealing with CNC machines and to enable efficient cnc education.

Mr. Martyniak send us photos with simple engraving works and a 3 D application. The engraving is an outline writing. There are professional one line writings helping to create one line scripts.

For the school area there has to be a special protection in order to prevent manual intervention in the running machine.

Use our 10 % school discount for your first order. This way you would be able to mediate more than dry theory to your students in future.