Treatment in ureol

CNC milling works on ureol prototyping

Professional 3D Processing with High-Z


Inh. Frank Rüdig
Weinbergstraße 32
01445 Radebeul

Mr. Rüdig of CCS / CAD CAM Service Ltd. does not only take care of the CAD tasks for his customers. He is also able to carry out the CAM part of the job with his High-Z equipment.

Milling Works on Ureol

Professional 3D applications in the area of prototyping on Ureol and other materials

I am convinced that the results shown on these photos speak for themselves, and give a wonderful example of the sensitivity of the equipment against PVC and Ureol pollution, etc.

It doesn’t matter which contour without undercut you need to carry out. For conversions of layouts into DXF or stl formats we are offering the software DeskProto with which you can generate in no time readable G codes of above mentioned formats in order to be used by the software WIN PCNC / starting with Version Economy.

In case you suffer defile or you don’t dare to take on certain CAD tasks … CAD CAM Service “CCS” is available for any tasks of that business activity. Just visit their website.