Laser scanning, touch-scanning / digitizing

Scan 1000 Pro

Sensor-Scanner 3D for solid materials.
The scanning sensor by CNC-Step works with a precision of 0,05mm. In connection with software WIN PCNC you will be able to scan objects directly on the machine. Objects can be as large as the traverse path area of your machine with a depth of max. 30mm. All data can then be used to produce further prorotypes.
with a precision of approx 0,03-0,05mm absolutely reliable for most applications. Since 10.2005 all our High-Z units are equipped with a connection plug. WIN PCNC supports the scanning device with ease and simplicity.

Digitizing a chin-piece of a violin

Working with Scan-1000 Pro

In the following images we show how precise a 3-dimensional object, in this case the mouth-piece of a violin, is digitalised with our scanning-system (thanks for the support to company
Scanning was done with a grid of 1mm, which of course could be realised even more detailed and precise (settings can be changed to up to 0,1mm)
Foolowing the scanning process the data can be saved and used as often as desired.

Video: chin-piece.

Due to an increased demand we have applied the same process to hardwood. Here are images and video.

We can also supply a sensor for measuring tool-lenth.