PCB manufacturing / milling, drilling

It is quick and easy to mill or drill circuit boards with the High-Z

Milling circuit boards is an easy operation with our milling machines. You design in e.g Gerber your circuit board and save the file as .plt-file (HPGL). Now start the program within the controlling software PCNC,process, finish.

For prototypes or small series it is almost essential to have the option of milling circuit boards. You possibly know by experience how inconvenient it is and which equipment is necessary to etch circuit boards yourself. It is possible to realize conductive strip with up to approx. 0,1 – 0,15mm with our machines.

Files can be exported directly from e.g.h Target V-12. There are two options when exporting: either a pure drilling-file or an isolation-milling-file including drilling-file as .plt, whereas it can be established, whether the machine drills first and mills after or vice versa.

Exporting the following parameters are necessary for: drilling depth, feed speed during immersion, diameter, immersion depth of flat drill or fin drll. Export in HPGL; Isel / proMa NCP; XGerber (for control); CNC ISO 6983 / DIN 66025; CharlyRobot P.C.B.

A further advantage:

You mill your conductive strip and drill the holes for placements at the same time. The result proves it: pictures and videos show a circuit board, milled with 0,2mm depth, smallest possible distance 0,2… Placement …….and off in the Refolw-oven.

Check the according video about milling circuit boards here.

Milling example

Example of milling in composite material: PCB Circuitboard material PVC / GFK with copper

With todays complex cutting geometries and materials for milling there is almost no material which is difficult to mill. The result mainly depends on choice of material and cutting geometry of the tool used.