Plasma Cutting and Welding

High-Z PlasCUT-1350 Plasma Cutter

The latest High-Z PlasCUT-1350 as CNC-controlled lowcost plasma cutting machine

Plasma Cutting Equipment High-Z PlasCUT-1350

The plasma cutting equipment High-Z PlasCUT-1350 is suited for plasma arc torching as well as milling wood, PVC, etc. Delivery is complete with above shown base frame including connecting pieces and two pull-out drawers for water fillings. With a movement speed of a maximum of 2.5 meters per minute during operation, it processes all sliceable metallic materials up to 16 mm.

Connection for exhaust systems available on the backside. Wavy-arranged, exchangeable supporting plates. Stable construction. Usable for milling works on wood, PVC, etc.

Download data sheet of the Hypertherm Powermax 1250 and torch cutter.

Can be loaded from the side or from the top without any problem. Due to the contact surface of 1650 x 1200 ideal for plate standard format of 1500 x 3000, cut in three parts.

Metal Design

Example for artistic metal design

We can deliver one thousand finished patterns in the right formats.

You will be able to manufacture individually designed art works for your customers in the area of wrought ironwork in no time.

Cutting Checker Plates

The delivered torch cutter of Hypertherm Ltd., Powermax 1250 can process all conductive kinds of metal: brass, galvanized sheets, steel panel, copper sheet, aluminium panels, etc. The Powermax 1250 performs absolutely clean separating cuts into steel up to approx. 16 mm. Example: car mat of aluminium checker plates.
Video on Aluminium checker plate plasma arc torching / download here

Cutting Steel Panel

Allow your artistic imagination free play!
Attached to the delivery you will find the software CorelDraw 11 OEM, which enables you to construct and cut the most creative items in no time. The cutting of this house number requires approx. five minutes of creative work at your PC.
Video on 10 mm steel panel plasma cutting / download here

Cutting Punched Plate

Due to the special relay, which is included in the price, there is no need of assembling any limit switches in order to switch the torch cutter on or off. Even galvanized punched plates can be cut with a high measure of accuracy. The whole system is so easy to handle that it does not require more than half an hour of explanation either during a presentation in our house or when you pick up the machine.
Video on galvanized punched plate 2 mm plasma cutting / download here

Drilling into Steel Plates

Hardly any plasma torches / plasma cutting equipments, which are operated by air plasma, reach this slice quality. The Hypertherm Powermax 1250 makes it possible.
Depending on the steel grade, a minimal degree of burnouts on the backside needs to be fettled, which is easily done in a few minutes by means of a fan-shaped washer.

Video on steel plate drillings plasma torching / download here

The data of the included software Filou NC for WIN PCNC only needs some sequence optimizing and then you can start.
Enjoy another great product at best cost/performance ratio of CNC-STEP.
Video on steel plate 3 mm vector graphics plasma torching / download here

High-Z S-1000 Alternation to Plasma torch

Pictures and videos of alternation of a High-Z S-1000 to plasma torch and plasma welding

Of course, the High-Z equipment allows excellent plasma torching. With the right torch cutter you are able to cut 30-mm-steel plates with the High-Z in only a few minutes.

The alternation of the equipment requires only a little while and some additional small parts. With the right software at hand and the right add-ons of the alternation parts you can start immediately.

Visible contact burns can be fully avoided when working with the software Filou NC, in order to proceed from the center to the margins. Unfortunately, in some of the pictures of this experimental series this procedure has not been used. We will extend our page and show you several other examples of how to torch individual parts fast and dimensionally stable.

Lowcost Welding Machine

The High-Z altered to a CNC-controlled lowcost plasma cutting and welding machine

You can certainly CNC-weld lettering on signs, too. Even the automatic welding of several layers is imaginable. Just have a look for yourself how clean and solid the results are.

Video on the welding of letters here

Video on plasma cutting here

Here you find the video on the S-720 cutting 10-mm-steel plates.

Plasma-large system available!

For several months, our CNC plasma cutting machine High-Z Raptor-X is available. With travels of 3000 x 2000mm and 4000 x 2000mm and machine torch and plasma system 130 amp and an electronic leveling system, PC and software can be used universally with a maximum cutting depth of 30mm in steel and speeds up to 10 meters per minute for cutting thin sheet metal, corrugated iron etc.! Accuracy of the system + / – 50 microns!