CNC Milling on soapstones

2D and 3D milling in stone

This page shows the variety of milling options which you can obtain with High-Z S-720 when milling different kinds of stones, tiles, etc. Everything is possible: engravings, 3D milling works, etc.!

Thanks to its stable construction and compliance of immediate allowance within the applied mechanics, you can use High-Z also as a CNC milling machine for stones.

CNC Milling on soapstones

3D CNC milling works with CNC Router High-Z on soapstone
Milling a 3D relief with a 2.5 mm radius milling cutter. You can abstain from any cooling. The relief has a depth of 3 mm, and measures 27 x 20 mm.

The milling results are absolutely impressive. As much as you will be surprised of what is possible, so are we. After the milling procedure follows a quick conditioning with oil and grinding with wet abrasive paper. Even before the grinding, scores cannot be recognized with the mere eye.

Here you find a video on 3D milling on soapstone.

CNC Milling on marble

3D CNC milling works on marble

Milling a relief with a diamond coated V milling drill. Various scrub procedures are followed by a finishing procedure. After 55 minutes the marble relief is fully CNC drilled and finished.

Here you find a video on relief milling on marble.

V-Carving on marble

V-Carving on marble

V-carving of an ornament frame with inscription on Carara marble. A special V-carving bit/milling provides top results even if you work with dry conditioning. The finished result needs to be covered with a special finishing/tombstone paint.

Milling of Art Noveau motives on white marble. You obtain a clear and clean milling result after less than 10 minutes. Size of tile: 30 x 30.

Phantastic milling results on hard stone. The High-Z is an all-round machine without comparison.

Within 52 months we have sold 2,000 CNC Router / cnc machines world wide – the most popular small-sized CNC Router and milling machine in the world.

Here you find a video on V-carving on marble.

Milling on artificial stone / marble

Milling works on artificial stone basins / marble

Machining of artificial stone basins, which are mostly made of marble powder and various epoxy resins, can be done as easy and clean as many other applications with our CNC Routers / cnc milling machines. Downpipes, spills and depositing racks need to be inserted subsequently into the basins.

Here you find a video on milling on artificial stone basins.

Following you find pictures and videos on following subjects:

  • Milling on tiles of any kind
  • Milling and engraving on sandstone and granite