2D and 3D milling with the indexer / rotary table / 4th axis

3D milling an sculpture with indexer / rotary table in ALU

Photos and videos about 3D- treatment with rotary table / indexer in aluminium

We worked with a 3mm radius router, 5mm depth of cut, 1mm roughing

After using an Emery cloth with 0,5mm the sculpture looked nearly polished…….. Video: Sculpture milling in aluminum

This is the direct way to the rotary axle tool (more pictures and videos)

Milling a thread in ALU / 4 Axis milloing with rotary table / indexer

Milling a thread with our High-Z S-720 / turn table / indexer RounDINO 120

You can mill a thread with the turntable RounDINO 120. For that you only need a stylus of 60° head square (pictures will follow), approx. 0,2-0,5mm writing breadth, depended on diameter and gradient of the thread.
Here you get to the “Thread milling in Aluminum“-Video

Round and spiral groove milling in ALU with 4th axis

Round groove or. spiral groove milling with our High-Z S-720 / turntable RounDINO 120

Milling of spiral groove in aluminium. 3mm router, respective depth of milling 2,5mm.

Last operation round. This way you can produce fastener for example.

Depth 7,5mm. Gradient 15mm. Here is the Video.