2D cnc milling and cnc cutting in plastics / POM, acrylics and plexi glass

CNC Milling on plastic /plastics

CNC Milling work in plastic with CNC Router and a 0,6mm one flute end mill
Miniature-milling in plastic with a 0,6mm drill. Mill in PVC 4mm depth. Still more tiny things here.

Video: milling in PVC 4mm depth

CNC Milling with CNC Router on hard plastic

CNC Milling works with CNC Router in hard plastic with a 4mm cutter
Video: Milling in PVC 12mm depth
We milled 2 depths with a feed motion of 16mm/sec. Powerful engines of the CNC Router keep things mighty thrust without any loss in performance.
Working like a professional

Milling on plexi glass / plexiglas, polycarbonate or macrolon

Engrave and/or mill in plexi glass, polycarbonate or macrolon

Engraves are surly possible in diverse plastics like PVC, acrylic glass etc. Because of the low melting point of acrylic glass of approx. 80°C it is necessary to use a suction device in order to enable a permanent air cooling. Better results would be achieved by usage of spray cooling.

For clearer presentation we completely abstained from cooling.

Video about engraving in plexiglass

CNC Milling on artifical stone / marbel

CNC Milling works on artificial stone basins / marble / CNC Router High-Z

Machining of artificial stone basins, which are mostly made of marble powder and various epoxy resins, can be carried out as easy and clean as many other works with our CNC Router and cnc milling machines. Downpipes, spills and depositing racks need to be inserted subsequently into those basins.
Here you find a video on milling on artificial stone basins.

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