2D CNC machining with CNC Router of woods / hockey sticks

Due to its powerful and control system, which is perfectly adjusted to the stepper motors of the High-Z CNC Router and Engraver, the machine is able to drill deep depths in one production step. Even in this juncture considerable feeds are possible.

By means of patterns in pictures and videos about the machining of these sticks, you get an own idea of the capability of milling on wood.
Here you find a video on milling on woods / hockey sticks.

Milling on MDF

Milling work on MDF with a 6mm drill and/or 6mm special radius miller for prototyping
MDF is often used for model making, prototyping, making loudspeakers and many more applications due to its high resistance and mechanically well machining structure and very good paintability. Several customers who use a High-Z CNC Router and cnc milling machine have worked with this material already, i.e. Mr. Collier from Belgium, who produces Highend loudspeakers by means of CNC machines (link: www.collier.be). You find further information on our customer’s page (http://picasaweb.google.com/collier6/ConcaveMk2). With a High-Z you can easily mill, engrave, etc. MDF. The power of the machine allows depths of up to 20 mm in one production step.
Video: Milling on MDF distribution disc

CNC Router milling on wood

Milling work on woods with a 3mm drill

Unlimited power

Our CNC XYZ-unit and CNC Router can work on any kind of woods. Even wood depths of up to 25 mm and for hardwood 10 – 16 mm are possible. Regardless if poplar, birch, maple, beech or oak … High-Z is able to mill with best results. However, the right milling drill needs to be wisely chosen – this corresponds to any other materials, too – as woods contain short and long grains. In order for you to choose, we provide a variety of milling tools.
Video: Milling on multiplex 12 mm size, 600 mm feed

Video: Milling on 8 mm plywood with 900 mm/min

Video: Milling on 4 mm plywood with 1100 mm/min

Milling on hard wood / Signs

2D CNC- treatment in wood/ plates and toys

You can work out all imaginable shapes in wood. Wood plates, wood toys, wood construction sets or former for planes would be realized very fast and simple without programmer knowledge.

Milling on wood / light archs

2D treatment in wood/ light archs, crips etc.

Some customers have already made different wood-toys with the High-Z CNC Routers and milling machines.

Milling on hardwood

2D conditioning of hardwood / 10 – 11 mm material: wenge, sapele, sycamore, ebony, jatoba, pockwood, amazakoue and oak

A customer from Romania inquired about the possibility of CNC routing / machining on very hard woods. The task was to use a 2 mm milling drill and drill the total depths of approx. 11 mm in one production step. Some woods have a consistency of 145N/mm2 and more!!
Using a 4 mm or 6 mm milling drill one can easily drill 30 mm/second. It was very surprising that the 2 mm milling drill did not break when drilling a 10 mm cutting depth.

Here you find a video on how to condition hard woods.

Indication of woods: 1. Wenge
2. Sapele
3. Mahogany
4. Sycamore
5. Amazakoue
6. Jatoba
7. Oak

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