Miniature Milling with our CNC Router High-Z in Plastic

2D milling of miniature parts and cnc jewelry machining

CNC Router miniature and jewelry works

Usually it’s not the average which is fascinating in life.

Large sizes or miniature certainly incorporate a particular fascination, if they stem from a mechanical or biological world. Here you will witness some examples for the option ‘tiny-ness’, which can be realized with our machines – quick and easy.

We would like to demonstrate only photos and videos of miniature work pieces mostly milled with our software PCNC (which is included in supplies).

CNC Router results: Miniature milling in plastic

Miniature 2D Milling with our CNC Router High-Z in Plastic
Milled out of 8mm strong perspex. Bridges are 0,2 and 0,3mm “strong”. drill holes 0,7. The end mill: 0,6mm two-flute cutter with fish tail.
Scale comparison of cantelever and thumbtuck. All pieces were produced with a High-Z S-720 CNC Router. And how small and accurate do you have to work ?

One of the bridges is only 0,2mm slim! In order to find out the accuracy of size, we have measrued the dimeter at 90°.

Miniature 2D cnc jewelry milling in silver with High-Z CNC Router

Miniature 2D milling in Silver e.g. for jewelry production (CNC Router High-Z )

We have also processed our succesful cnc jewelry tests in silver.

When working with such materials it is recommended to use a mist jet cooling.

Of course post operational polishing or sanding has to be undertaken in order to achieve a perfect surface.

Possible results you see on the left side.

Follow the link to manufacture of jewelry with the rotation axis