Aluminium Milling and machinining in hard and soft aluminium, circular helix milling and 2D cutting

Circular milling of hard aluminium with helix g-code

Circulary milling in solid aluminium with the High-Z CNC Router

Because of the free of backlash, special mechanic and spindle components adapted by our company it is also possible to round- mill in thick aluminium tight fitting ( H8 ) with the High-Z series!! Here’s the Video!

Milling in aluminium founding

Milling work in aluminium founding

We want to demonstrate the producing of a form in a special aluminium founding material which is so special because it is open- pored and very solid. Video

3D Milling a car / wheel in solid aluminium

Solid Aluminum milling work

All design for the following processing steps are developed with Corel Draw 7 . Let’s go!

Mill a spoked wheel with a diameter of 90mm and 15mm depth (thickness). To the demo we have unfortunately only in substantially thicker raw material for the order had.

On the left hand side you see the pictures of the work Completely pre-roughed. Completely pre-roughed to the comparison here also smoothed bearing sureface.

Milling in ALU/front plates

Aluminium milling of front plates

During the tratment of dryings of soft aluminum one gets usually no good results are abtained with the application of spray plant.

Here’s the video for milling of soft aluminum sheets with spray cooling..

Were milled with a 2,5mm double cutter and 3mm/sec. feed motion. The result: Clean lips, wich do not have to be deburred nearly no more.

Video: millinga front plate in 3mm anodized aluminium, only the roughing down round. We advice to use an Emery cloth with a half feed motion for very neat openings.

Milling work with double cutters

Milling work in aluminum/substantial treatment with double cutters

Mill clamped in aluminum in a heavy vice.
Rough-mill with burin. Areas 2mm deeply in a processing step with 500mm/min.

Milling example

Milling example in a composite material: Aluminum shutters also out-foamed core

For these works there’s an appropriate router, too. In this case up- or downcut cutting edge geometry cutters with a polished clamp screws are mostly used.

Here it goes to the milling work in aluminum with our rotation axis/turntable.