CNC milling in 2D of hard metals such as brass and steel / CNC Router

CNC Milling examples in brass

Important hint: It is possible to machine hard materials but only with low traverse speed and maximum feed motion of 2 or 3mm/sec. We counsel to use always an appropriate cooling tool for machining of aluminium, brass and steel ( control cabinets, cases etc. ) in order to minimize milling forces.

CNC Milling on brass

CNC Milling examples in brass

You can work with our cnc routers on brass as well as on soft materials.

Depth of milling and feed motion speed are certainly lower than in soft materials.

This 1 mm thick brass plate was treated with a 1,2mm spiral- toothed router. The feed motion came to 3mm/ sec with a spindle turn of approx. 1000 turns per min.

Regard the appropriate video about treatment of brass here.

CNC 2D Milling on steel

Milling examples in steel sheet

Depth of milling and feed motion speed are certainly lower than in soft materials. Cooling is very necessary.
In this example we mill with a 2,4mm two- flute cutter and a traverse speed of 2,4mm/sec. The ridge on the edges is just a curving lack which you can remove very easy and neat with a cutter.
Video: Miling in steel sheet. In the example you see an under plate of a switchgear cabinet.

CNC Milling on high-grade steel

Examples for cnc milling on high-grade steel

Due to its very stable construction, the High-Z CNC portal milling machine can even drill (limited to its cutting depth) high-grade steel, like V2A. It is no problem to engrave this material. Above example shows the cutting of a 1 mm strong stainless steel panel. It is certainly possible to also produce 3D items on steel and high-grade steel with appropriate applications.

Such ability at this price can only be obtained by the original High-Z machine due to the utmost accuracy in compiling mechanical components of the unit. Try this with one of the competing machines!

Here you find a video on milling on high-grade steel.

CNC milling on electric control cabinets

Cut through bulky parts or mill drillings or D-sub breakouts into electric control cabinets. You will not encounter any problem.

With the HIGH-Z CNC Router series you can even machine large items without trouble. (Pictures show special applications).

Thanks to the bottom-open frame construction, works at bulky parts are as easy as on flat materials due to the frame construction built in 2004 (by the way: a number of competitors have failed to copy this construction (see comparison test here)). (Base frame is optional.)

Here is a video on the machining of electric control cabinets.
You obtain an absolutely clean milling result after less than 3 minutes. The leftover is nothing but “a fine line” of hardly frayed finish.