RaptorX Milling Applications

milling engraving applications raptorx-sl

3D- CNC-Router / Engraver RaptorX-SL. This machine even engraves into marble and slateThat’s the way to the milling and engraving applications of the RaptorX-AL and RaptorX-SL CNC milling and engraving machines.

Our RaptorX CNC Routers are milling and engraving almost any material. They are fast and reliable and provide precise results. By means of the up to 600 mm traverse paths in Z, the three-step lockable table support plate and high movement speed, it is ideal for any big 3D works as well as processing on chipboards and wood particle works.

From May through July this page will be completed by several applications and features on the new RaptorX-SL CNC-Routers (milling on marble, production of big-size moulds, plasma torching, water-jet cutting, etc.)