RaptorX-AL: ALU composites and rigid foam

CNC processing aluminum composite materials and rigid foam

Pictures and videos on the subject aluminum composite panels / Dibond and rigid foam milling and drilling with the RaptorX-AL CNC milling machine. (Also possible with the RaptorX SL!)

Using the RaptorX CNC milling machine we are able to mill 4mm Dibond, aluminum composite material. With the right tool this is possible at a speed of 25-30mm / sec.

Sign makers can look forward to clean end products.

RaptorX AL CNC milling machine Video:

Using the correct router you can achieve with this CNC milling machine results, which basically do not have to be reworked, if sharp cutting edges do not interfere with the use.

Of course all rigid foam boards, PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate, polyester, etc. can be processed with the CNC milling machine / CNC router. For this purpose special milling cutters can be obtained directly from us.

Rigid foam boards are often used in the field of screen-printing, price tags, stand construction, drywall and are used for advertising signs of all kinds.

With the RaptorX AL CNC milling machine, you always have the right partner for all applications of CNC processing at your side.