RaptorX-AL: 2D milling in aluminium

Non-ferrous metal, aluminum processing in 2D and 2.5D

Photos and videos on the subject Aluminum milling with CNC portal milling machine / milling machine RaptorX

We are milling high-strength aluminum with the 3D CNC milling machine RaptorX AL without spray cooling with 30mm / sec feed. The infeed was elected with a 4mm 5mm two-flute cutter. For a video download please click below on the appropriate link.

Video Aluminum milling / Excavating

Video milling Aluminium / spiral

Video Aluminum milling / Star milling

Results: An absolutely flat, burr-free surface (the apparent “chatter” in the side surface of the circular recess are reflections of the bottom surface). The CNC milling machine RaptorX-AL is also suitable for

Fräsen / Bearbeitung von ALUMINIUM-Plattenmaterial

Milling and processing of aluminum sheet material

Milling panel material with 10mm thickness. For jobs where thicker plate material is to be milled through a corresponding cooling device is always attached. Here we cool with spray cooling _ also available from us, when editing a 10mm thick aluminum panel.

RaptorX-AL _ CNC milling machine: Video: Milling in 10mm aluminum plate material

The end result of the CNC processing with the RaptorX CNC milling machine is impressive, although it should be said that we deliberately decided not to have a finishing cut in the example. Pecking each 3.5mm in 10mm feed per second. For such work a stable construction of the machine frame and a perfect fit of all the components used is required as well as a large force of the axis drive motors. All these features combine the RaptorX CNC milling machine with an accuracy of quite impressive maximum +/- 3 hundredths of a millimeter.