RaptorX SL: 3D mold construction in Styrodur / XPS foam

3D mold construction / 3D-milling Styrodur / XPS: boat, catamaran 2-piece

Photos and videos about 3D mold construction / 3D CNC processing foam materials

In this example we are milling XPS rigid foam using the the CNC portal milling machine / cutter RaptorX SL

con_info Due to the 3-fold in height positionable table support struts * You always have the choice to work, sheet materials with high stability or high 3D bodies.

In this example with the 3D CNC milling machine RaptorX SL we are milling with a very special Styrofoam cutter (diameter 20mm and length 150mm) made of steel.

The depth infeed when roughing was elected here with 110mm, the distance between the milling paths is 2mm. It is directly finished.
The toolpaths are generated in this case by the DeskProto 3D machine software. Of course, it is also feasible using our software ConstruCAM 3D.

The feed speed is 100mm per second, 6 meters per minute. The complete split mold with approximately 1000 x 500 x 220mm size was completed in only about 190 minutes.
Video: 3D mold construction / Styrodur processing / 3D processing Styrodur and assembly of the individual parts can be found in our YouTube account.

Results relating to 3D mold construction in XPS:

Using the selected router with high feed rates, regarding the material, we received a clean and rather smooth surface, which already comes very close to a hot wire cutting. There are special paints or roll.- paint.- and sprayable two-component coatings for the surface treatment  of polystyrene available, these materials even in high-gloss can be weather-proof! Thus, XPS / Styrodur is the ideal material for exhibition stand construction, 3D mold construction / large mold construction.

Also, the CNC milling machine RaptorX SL is suitable for 3D processing in wood, metal and even stone!

* Table support struts are available as an option