RaptorX-SL: CNC-Milling of letters for luminous advertisements

Milling of letters for luminous advertisements / Material: black solid coloured MDF

Photos and videos on the subject:

MDF 2D mill drilling with the CNC portal milling machine RaptorX-SL

We are drilling black solid-coloured, 19 mm strong MDF with the 3D CNC milling machine RaptorX-SL using a VHM 12 mm finger driller.

The lining is set to 10 mm!

If you have ever processed on black MDF you will know how extremely hard and solid this material is compared to common MDF.

For video download pleas click to the appropriate link below.

CNC milling machine RaptorX-SL drilling letters on black solid-coloured MDF

Video: Producing letters from black solid-coloured MDF with a 12 mm finger driller.


The quick processing in the video shows how efficient the RaptorX-SL really is.

You won’t find any comparable product in this “stability classification” on the European Market.

The milling flanges are clean and only need to be broken by softly using sandpaper.

In the dorsal slot you glue an SMD LED-RGB stripe which completes the luminous letter of approx. one meter height!

The RaptorX-SL CNC milling machine / CNC-Router is also suitable for 3D processing on wood. Please look for appropriate videos on other websites.

If you need to do engraving works of bigger dimensions, the RaptorX-SL CNC portal milling machine / CNC engraving machine is the right equipment for such works.

Due to its solid and strong steel pipe construction and its high-dimensioned drive motors, this machine is able to process stone, marble, slate and granite.
You find videos regarding these subjects under applications.