RaptorX-SL: CNC-Milling solid beech wood / 2D

Milling a toilet seat and a star on solid beech wood

Photos and videos on the subject of processing/drilling on solid beech with the CNC portal milling machine RaptorX-SL

We are drilling solid beech with the 3D CNC milling machine RaptorX-SL using a 43 mm form cutter. In this case the lining has been set to 15 mm!
For video download please click to the appropriate link below.

CNC milling machine RaptorX-SL drilling a toilet seat:
Producing a toilet seat using a form cutter

CNC milling machine RaptorX-SL drilling a Christmas star: Video:
Drilling a Milling a star on solid beech


The milled flange surfaces are totally clean and smooth (they almost look as if polished).

The RaptorX-SL milling machine is also suitable for 3D processing on wood. Please find appropirate videos on other websites.

If you need to do engraving works of bigger dimensions, the RaptorX-SL CNC portal milling machine / CNC engraving machine is the right equipment for such works.

Due to its solid and strong steel pipe construction and its high-dimensioned drive motors, this cnc-router / milling machine is able to process stone, marble, slate and granite.

You find videos regarding these subjects under applications.