RaptorX-SL: Glas and stone processing in 2D and 2,5D

Glass and granite CNC drilling with RaptorX-SL CNC portal milling machine

We drill with special, diamond-coated drills using the RaptorX AL CNC portal milling machine in glass and granite. The drills are relatively inexpensive (22mm diameter 39 euros, 19 euros for 8mm) and withstand when used correctly approximately 50-60 cm depth of cut in the glass and to about 30cm in granite.

The feed of the Y-axis of the CNC portal milling machine was 0.1 mm per second, so relatively quickly.  Consequently, clean holes are drilled in no time.

Again, the feed using 0.1mm / sec was chosen. A hole is drilled in about 1.5 minutes.

Required for CNC drilling in these hard materials is an “underwater” processing, as only so, without much “dirt” and dust, a permanent cooling can be given exactly where it is needed.

The open frame construction of the CNC portal milling machine sets no limits. It is even possible to bring in holes in sheet material facing the front head. Then only a spray cooling is required. Of course, the RaptorX SL CNC portal milling machinea also are able to drill marble and other types of stone or tile. Contributions can be found here on the page under the heading applications. Due to the extremely stable design of these CNC portal milling machines such works are not a problem and don’t require much from our CNC portal milling machine.