Woodworking in 2D and 2.5D

CNC woodworking 2D / 2,5D

CNC woodworking with RaptorX portal milling machine / plywood. In the example: engraving and milling into 25mm multiplex in one section. Milling multiplex 25mm thickness into one infeed. Thanks to the pulling power of the large drive motors and the stable base frame and the gantry design bridge, this CNC milling machine is able to process thick and hard woods.

RaptorX AL Video: 25mm multiplex

Mill and engrave with this CNC milling and engraving machine many materials in best quality.

CNC milling chipboards for furniture / Kitchen construction

CNC milling chipboards for furniture / Kitchen construction

CNC controlled cutting of coated chipboard and veneered wood without breaking out the edges. All exhibited works are carried out with the RaptorX AL and SL! CNC contour milling with clean cut edges on the top and bottom of veneered or coated materials. In the example: we use 10mm chipboard, coated white.   A Milled edge can’t be cleaner in coated materials.

In this video: CNC milling into 10mm thick coated chipboards

The RaptorX AL has been designed to 90% for the processing of sheet materials. Thus, it is almost indispensable for the field of furniture, timber, Kitchen construction, Design in Wood and advertising technology.

Video: Milling in 10mm thick, coated chipboard / Furniture, side plate.

Drilling and milling in one clamping.

The end result is a pre-finished product in the best quality – both sides!

Vacuum clamping benches / vacuum panels and vacuum pumps for easy and fast clamping of such large plates are also available with us.