Granite Photo engraving system cnc router cutting

Research and development for photo-engraving in granite


The research and development department have been working on a photo-engraving application for stone work i.e. granite, marble, glass etc. for the last two months.


Targeted applications include gravestones, memorials, gifts, advertising and presentations.


The complete CNC machine platform (Travel : +/- 650 x 380mm) including the base unit for clamping workpieces, top software package Photoshop, vacuum table, water cooling and CAM software will be available for a price under 9900 Euro. (the machine is capable of cutting granite etc.)


A photo, 120 x 160mm in size can be completed in 20 – 30 minutes and due to the mechanical action of the milling process the project will have a look more like a hand crafted object. Laser photo engraving looks artificial and machined in comparison.