Herr Holzmichel

Report from a forum:

Hello again,

I’m writing a little experience report as a High Z 1000 user.

My own tests as a furniture carpenter ( I’m used to work with real big milling machines)

I drive flatting routers with 300 mm, approx. 6500 UP/M with tischfräsen.

My test with the High Z, fronts of a kitchen (customer’s order), MDF boards 38mm, flatting router in tailor- made order; router diameter 80mm for 8mm shaft, depth of milling 5mm , feed motion 8-12mm.

Result: amazing, the machine’s efficiency doesn’t break State of driven fräsbahnen : wonderful Finishing: 240 end grinding, grounding, varnishing, that’s it! In my opinion you can’t fully load the machine under normal conditions.  Some persons expect from a small portal milling machine the same performance as from a „10.000 €.—up“ milling machine.

But they were advised wrong or don’t want to invest appropriate money for a „big“  machine.

Résumé: I admit, I „only“ work on wood and plastics but for a long time and so I’ve got a lot of experience with big machines and in my opinion HEIZ machines are unbeatable in this price segment. By the way, my machine works daily for 5-8  hours since 10/2005! – I had no problems till today.

Ask yourself these questions: what do I want to work on? How fast and precise? And afterwards get advised.

Maybe some other machine owners of a High Z would write their experience report, too.