Herr Saugman

Report from forum:

Hello Marius,

do me a favour and don’t buy a machine from Haase.

My CUT 2000L was only 3 years old when it fall to pieces.

Haase wanted as much for repairing as a new machine would cost.

In my opinion the material was o.k. It was the wood grounding why the machine broke. Because of external influence like humidity and heat the wood deformed.

I work with a HIGH-Z S-1000 by cnc- step since few years and I’ve never had any problems.

The machine works nearly as on its first day although I work with it daily for almost eight hours.


Quelle: http://www.toolia3.de/sbb/sbb.cgi?b=cncstep&a=show&forum=5&show=2