The Rip-Off

Firstly we would like to thank all of you for your expressions of interest or information on fraud, who have appreciated our reports on this page since its existence around 2 months ago.

CNC-scrap and swindlers are everywhere.

Unfortunately even this subject has to be tackled occassionally:

Yesterday we received the fourth e-mail in 2 weeks from an angry customer who purchased an XXL CNC milling machine from an private amateur seller on e-bay and now has found himself with a very large and expensive heap of scrap.

Such machines as well as similar offers from different suppliers are always sold under the same conditions:

  1. No information on delivered CE-explanation or manufacturer’s declaration (click here (only german) for more information).
  2. Transactions are offered as private sales (in all cases, if more than one offer existed already tax fraud)
  3. Without warranty and no return of goods. Some sellers offer a warranty, which however has no legal aspirations in the case of private sale.

Large machines are occasionally sold for over 2.000 €, as shown in our example below. Now, one would argue: ‘if somebody is that silly to invest such a large amount of money without any security measures, it’s his own fault and it serves him right’, which some how is true.

But there is criminal action connected to these sellers actions, whereas neither the descriptions are true, nor the machines are allowed to be offered or operated on the EU market and do not have a CE-certificate.

Basically: In case you house burns down due to a defect of one of these machines, insurance won’t pay a penny. Also you won’t be able to sue anybody in case of injury due to the machine. Reason for this is that you have purchased and are using a non-certified machine.

It becomes seriously criminal when businessmen use such machines!

On the bottom of this page you find photographs of described machines, which stem from ‘Taetern’ as well from ‘victims’.

We would just like to mention a few critiria:

Ask such sellers if a CE-certificate exists! Get information from manufacturers with a good reputation via the www how there machines are constructed and compare. In many cases one can establish clear defects simply by loooking ant the machine.

The most rediculous thing is the description on E-Bay, which refers to these machines.

New, immediately useable 3-axis-CNC-mills with very long trverse paths of x-1800mm. y-1000mm, z-115mm. For engraving and milling in timber, plastics and NE-metals. Ideal for modelmakers, furniture designers, advertisement construction etc. Controller and all necessary connection cables are integrated in the machines body.

Milling spindle 1100 Watts, 6000-29000 rpm and set of 8 drill-bits for timber. Suction device is compatible to all domestic vacuum cleaners. With software PC-NC 3.1 (not part of the general delivery and subject to an additional 149,00 €) the machine is super-easy to use. With this software one can mill and engrave very precise contours (e.g. from ‘Corel Draw’). You only require a computer (486,00 € is sufficient) and you can start.

Mechanical resolution of the machine is 0,012mm per step. When using timber one can mill up to a depth of 10mm, but due to a high precision repetition it is principally possible to reach any milling-depth. With appropriate additional software (e.g. Visual Mill) one can also mill 3D-solid models.

Length of the working piece is unlimited. The machine can be assembled and disassembled very quickly, therefore easy to transport with any small car. Despite it is robust and precise.


1 YEAR WARRANTY. Delivery immediately after we have received the full amount, collection certainly possible. When enquiring about delivery to other European countries please mention place or city. VAT cannot be listed, whereas this is a private sale. Happy bidding!

Some pictures


Here are a few pictures. Judge yourself, even if you are not a specialist in thus field.

Bitter wakeing


Here are the photographs of a bitter wakeing up after: up to 2000,00€ are gone for a heap of builders merchants parts ready to go to the scrap-yard.

A machine with metric gear sticks M8 transfers energy from motors to ‘slides’ (metric gears are only appropriate for actuated nuts and bolt connections, not for motion-transfer. Only after a short period of time they wear out and have too much backlash). The gear stick as set in a 8.5mm drilled hole in an aluminium angle or sheet aluminium, which by the way is the material for all slides and the whole machine, and also grind on top of each other (sorry, ‘slide’).
A brass angle and 2 screws choke the motor, which shall span a piece of timber for a milling depth of 10mm, in an unmovable position. Montage of the endswitch tells further stories.
The controller, fabulously, is housed in a timber box, cable ends are not secured. We find that this is the works of a master of soldering. Platine is fixed to the timber base without spacers. There is no division of 12V and 230V. No tension tolerance whatsoever. Attention: this is deadly!! The seller would certainly not consider a EMV-test, which is necessary for a CE-certificate, whereas the controller would never pass these tests successfully.

Within a detail-photograph it is clearly visible, that the seller, has put all his trust in the material used, in order to complete his ‘crafty’ construction.
Aluminium ‘slides’ on aluminium! Tolerance within the individual components will be around 0.5mm. If one pulled on the slides the whole mechanic would bend. Also the motor was fixed with only 2 screws. The gold cable is carrying a current of 230V and arrives as direct power source at the milling spindle without strain relief.
We consider the material value of the whole machine at around 250,00 €
Final comment:

The above offers do not describe competition to our products whatsoever. But it can not be possible, that genuine people who have not engaged with the subject of CNC machines, are being ripped of as such by these elements.

We will send addresses of the seller and the auctions with all available images to the appropriate authorities. We will also try to publicise such and similar swindles and with the help of public media.

Tax offices as well as all other related authorities will certainly enjoy such sellers and their activities.

Test_VergleichSomething proper about same topic:

More often our machines are reproduced by traders and manufactures, who obviously think not much about honesty. Therefore we did a little test.