CNC milling maschine RaptorX-SL3200 S15

New CNC machine series “RaptorX-AL” is in the starting

From around end of March onwards our new CNC-Router / CNC-Plasma-Cutters series ‘RaptorX-AL’ will be launched. With a transfer speed of up to 35.000mm /min (so why buying expensive servo-technology) an operation sizes of up to 3000 x 2000 x 600mm (usual operation size 300mm in Z).
Operation height is variable, up to 1000mm, as well as the possibility of plate loading via the long X-axis will set new standards within the area of 2D and 3D CNC-portal-milling. Additionally is a new value for money relation! Ball screws and 9 Ampere motors and a control with power accordingly take care of most extreme power and capacity provision! Please loo forward to a new product of the house CNC-STEP. More information about this new machine here !