Laser Scanning System LaserProbe4500 camera

New laser scan system is starting with big success

Since 4 weeks there with us in German Exclusivlizenz with a foreign manufacturer our new Laserscansystem including software, which filtering and a direct stl.-has data output.


These 4 weeks 8 of these systems including a high-Z CNC have already been sold milling machine to our worldwide customers.


The systems are used in jewellery, mould making, prototyping, orthopaedic robot etc.

Very high-quality scans even for smallest components with an accuracy of 0, 02 mm are possible with the very inexpensive laser scanner.


Subsequent editing in the scan software “Dorgonia” based on some filters and how to print in the stl format allows further work with our free software ConstruCAM – 3D with its large, detailed online help to regarding surface finish, gap filler etc.


Unceremoniously last calculate toolpath ConstruCAM 3D and the milling process can start.

Is a part of approx. 5 x 5 x 2 cm to within 5 minutes scanned and ready generated another 5 minutes for the milling process!

Here you will find the new Laserscansystem.