New USB controller and new control software

New USB controller and Windows XP (incl. Vista preparation) drive software with more than 120 KHz pulse frequency!

The test period is not finished yet. However, following please find some basic data regarding the new software to be released in October: Brief history of the development of the Software:


Originally this software has been developed by three persons living abroad, who are highly intelligent, for the purposes of Isel, Ltd. However, after its first ‘rough’ completion, above mentioned company was not interested any more, even though the best developed software available on the market right now – according to our opinion – was presented to them.


The new software HEIZ-CADCAM contains a conversion module in order to convert stl and dxf files into DIN ISO G codes with up to 4 axes, similar to the software DeskProto full version for 3D processing. Furthermore this software also contains: A photoengraving module for photoengraving in lines or icons to manufacture lithophany and 3D reliefs; a CAD module providing the most important control and user elements for Auto CAD; the conversion of dxf or hpgl, plt files into G codes, choice of processing methods i.e. outside, inside or on contours, counter rotation or synchronous milling, tool administration storing photos of individual tools (similar to Filou, however, extended by some functions), etc. This software is exclusively available at our company!