Ortwin from Kittlitz

Hello Mr. Hylewicz

After we spend 12 hours in a car on 22.08.2005 we came home well and afterwards installed the machine and made our first tries to engrave.

We put the machine in a certain way to have the reference point down on the right side. Our zero point is left side on the top (X-500, Y+200, Z+80).

Right here I installed a measuring instrument for X and Y which I have started several times; Between times I switched off the drive and started the measuring instrument after  a reference drive again.

I locked a divergence of 0.005mm +/-

The solution of the riddle are probably the cheap but very good reference switches???

Kudos to you:

You’ve developed a very good concept with a good cost/ ratio performance.


We wanted to build something like that by ourselves and even bought three professional milling machines but only the material to build a new machine would cost about 10000 € And think about the working hours . (Now we can take part on experience  which you certainly already have paid)


Our engrave tries in anodized aluminium 1,6 mm with the delivered engraved tool proceeded negative. The aluminium get an unbearable ridge. (The ridge was higher than the depth of milling).

Our CNC server advised us to oil aluminium before milling. Further engrave tries with oil/ cooling provided wonderful results with a depth of engrave of 0,5 mm. We’re going to use a depth of 0.2 mm for production; I just wanted to torture the machine.

To brush the lubricant/ cooling oil the way we do it today is wiry because there has to be always a person standing at the machine. (But the result is very good.)

We will rebuild the machine tomorrow in order to move it pneumatic up and down about 20 cm.

The set up of the zero point will be performed on the top (in a dry place).

Milling/ engraving will be performed down (in an oil bath).

So we will mill under water in future. :-)

Till today we can only report positive about Heiz company.

I would be glad to keep in touch and exchange our technology experiences.

Ortwin von Kittlitz
Ortwin von Kittlitz
Ort: Aalen-Ebnat