Products: CNC Routers / CNC Engravers / Plasma Cutters, Software and Accessories

On this page you find our range of CNC Router Machine products / Engraver and cutter products with regards to milling and engraving machines. Useful amplifications and accessory parts as well as the proper software can also be found here. With one click on the respective product you are led to the product description.


If you buy at least one High-Z S-720 CNC Router, you get a free TOP construction and 3D-CAM limited software “ConstruCAM-3D” (regular Fullversion retail price: 1,900 Euros).

High-Z cnc-router and engraver - Standard version with high quality trapezium spindles


The original High-Z XYZ-Table with trapezium spindles

With worldwide more than 5400 sold CNC Router Machines (according to figures in 07/2014) since January 2005 this CNC Machine should be the most successful and popular portal CNC milling machine in that price segment in Europe!

– Our machines of the high-z standard-series are certified by the German TÜV –

High-Z cnc-router and engraver - T-Series with high quality ball screws


is always a good choice, no matter if you are looking for an industrial machine, which is taking 8-hour-shifts or if you need a CNC machine for any private purposes.
This CNC Machine will sprint within seconds from 0 – 12.000 mm / Minute!

With the T-model of the High-Z you obtain well-tried High-Z techniques, which is “the icing on the cake”. The High-Z/T has been conceived in order to guarantee more accuracy (repeat accuracy approx. 0,01 mm) and a higher proceeding speed for bulk production, when every second of time saving counts with regards to the individual production.

– Our machines of the high-z t-series are certified by the German TÜV –

RaptorX-SL large portal CNC Router Machine for milling, stone cutting, engraving, plasma cutting

RaptorX-SL CNC Router, milling engraving applications raptorx-sl

The new RaptorX-SL CNC Router Machine Series ( Milling, Plasma torch, Water jet cutting, etc. ) with adjustable table height level available since April 2010 !

Sold around 100 times within the last 3 years ! Up to 12.000 x 3000 mm available and also as Plasma Cutter !

Four things distinguish this new machine series from CNC STEP:

  1. Absolute torsional stiffness
  2. Very high accuracy
  3. Maximum performance
  4. Adjustable table hight level
  5. Unbeatable price
  6. Quality, made in germany !!

This product is made in our factory in germany ! We are fabricators, not simply resellers !!

Another new sensation from CNC STEP! You will be pleasantly surprised.
Make an appointment for a demonstration now on 0049 (0) 2831 / 91021 20 !
Standard sizes up to 3200 x 2010 x 300mm travel.
Custom manufacturing available up to 10,000 x 3.010 x 600mm

T-Rex Portal CNC Router with steel frame


The CNC portal milling machine T-Rex with steel substructure* is now available for your operation, precise and exceedingly fast!

This machine series was mainly designed for 2D and 3D panel processing in the sector of engraving, milling and cutting.

CNC Plasma Cutter / Plasma cutting machines


is appropriate for plasma torching as well as milling wood, PVC, etc. Thus it is multiply applicable as no other CNC portal milling machine in this price range.

And please think about the fact that all our CNC Router can be modify with any Plasma Torch into an CNC Plasma Cutter !

CNC Accessories


You may find important accessory parts and CNC Router extensions on these pages.

We offer anything that guarantees a variety of applications for our CNC Machines, from millings via tools to vaccum boards, 4th and 5th axes, plasma cutter, scanning units, depht regulators and so on.

CNC Software / CAD/ CAM milling, engraving software and tools


Here you find all appropriate milling and engraving software for your milling and engraving machines: CAD-CAM solutions i.e. ConstruCAM-3D, photo engraving software, WIN PCNC, DeskProto, 3D-CAD software.

We provide any program, which you might need for your applications, no matter what you would like to produce. We are happy to inform you in detail about appropriate applications for your machine in our house, via E-mail or telephone.

Our software ConstruCAM-3D is generally covering 90 % of all applications. We deliver this software free for all our CNC Router offer ( without High-Z S-400 ) !