Collet kit for Kress milling engine



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Collet set for Kress spindle

und 1050 FME


kress collet kit for milling maschine

The set of 3 high quality collets Kress milling engine from Germany enjoys a high concentricity and high quality materials!

The collet set consists of 3 clamps with diameters of 3mm, 6mm and 1/8 inch.
With these diameters and the standard delivered with the motor 8mm collet you are ready for the most milling and engraving tools.


A 1/8 inch collet should always be there, because with this tool shank diameters are often much cheaper than the available with 3.0 mm shank!
The clamps fit all Kress spindles.

Product Features:

    • Collet set 3 pieces
    • Fits all Kress spindles
    • High-quality original German quality, incomparable with many China-imports!
    • Diameter 3mm, 6mm, 1/8 “, optional 2.35, 4mm and 1/4″ stock
    • Concentricity 0.004 mm
    • Quality spring steel